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Rob Douglas
Phil has been great to work with. I had an Epiphone that needed a complete overhaul. New pickups, new electrics and a full service. The guitar is back and is just fantastic, it plays so well and feels so much better. Phil was great with communication, and chased up questions that arose. He gave great advice, and helped me get what I was looking for in a field I didn't fully understand. A very professional and thorough service and I would definitely use him again

Chris Overs
Great job, the guitar sound great and the new pickup makes a big difference. A fair cost for the work done as well, I would/will recommend your services. Thanks

Richard Lomas
I would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent work you carried out my two electric guitars. The Cort CR Custom in particular is now so much easier to play and the tone is excellent. I would encourage anyone looking to get their guitars working optimally to get in touch with you as your professionalism is self-evident

Peter Longden
I finally got around to having my Rickenbacker 4003 bass set up properly, and Phil did an excellent job, and at a very reasonable price.  What a difference!  The guitar now sounds fantastic and has a lovely low action, perfect intonation, and not a single fret buzz or rattle to be heard.  Just wish I'd had this done years ago when I bought the guitar.  Highly recommended.

Ollie Kennett
I’ve been without a ‘guitar guy’ for several years since Shehans, in Leicester shut down. Phil’s service is superb. There was a quick turnaround, excellent results and real attention to detail. It was obvious that he wanted to get it spot on and kept me in the loop each step of the way. He also made arrangements around me being blind and therefore unable to make it to his workshop. Excellent go to get your pride and joy singing as well as she can.

Jason Conlon
Got a few hours in. She's singing again thanks for dialling her in. Really pleased with the work and to have found your skills (Gibson Les Paul Custom)

Ian Griffiths
Hi Phil, I used the Jaguar at rehearsal last night. Wow very full sounds clean & overdrive. Guitar played great as well. Fantastic setup. Thanks Ian.

Michal Grzeszczak
I had a problem with pickups for quite a while and lost hope with some of the guitar techs i went to. Phil solved the issue and now my guitar is in perfect working order. The price was very fair and communication was excellent. Highly recommended.

Tim Webb
Phil did an excellent job of rescuing 2 guitars that had been badly set up by another 'guitar tech'. Great attention to detail and obviously really enjoys what he does. Highly recommended and wouldn't hesitate in using his services in the future. Thanks!

David Duncan
1964 Fender Precision Bass Refurbishment including complete re-fret FAB! FAB! FAB! Well done Phil, excellent job.  I didn’t realise just how worn out my poor old guitar was. After your refurbishment it now feels brand new and an absolute pleasure to play. Many thanks.

John Charley
Just a note of thanks for your work. The polished frets make a huge difference to the feel and the tremolo is a joy to handle. And great tone from the pickups and pots! Wonderful. I also wanted to say that as and when the occasion arises I will recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone needing guitar enhancement

Simon Bagge 
Phil - just wanted to thank you again for the great upgrade on my Epi Les Paul. Those Rolling Mills give it proper grunt, especially in the mid toggle position which always sounded weedy before. Plus the refret etc means the guitar actually remains in tune! All in all money very well spent

Andrew Gibbons
Phil was recommended to me by a friend to get my Yamaha bass serviced and set up correctly. The feel and playability of the bass afterwards was much improved and his service was excellent. I highly recommend him.

Diid Osman
I had the pleasure of taking my custom Musicman Stingray bass for a health check. I loved Phil's infectious passion for his work, his refreshingly personable approach to client relations and importantly his technical ability. The job was done in a timely manner and at a great value price. I can highly recommend this diligent professional

Richard Mojel
Well I'm sold. Phil picked up my SG earlier this week and returned it this afternoon. I've not had this guitar long and suspect it's never been set up. It's now a different guitar to the point I fear it outplays my 335. Very impressed; Phil gets my business. Oh, very reasonable prices and great service. Thoroughly recommend.

Mark Giblen
Phil came highly recommended and I wasn't disappointed. I approached him with two guitars I've had for years and both requiring serious attention. Phil gave me sound advice about what was needed to bring them back to life including advice around pick-up selection, rewiring options and a new trem, he was refreshingly upfront about costs (which are more than reasonable). The work was completed super quick and I couldn't be more pleased with the results; both guitars are set up superbly and play/sound fantastic - he has performed minor miracles with one guitar I had believed was beyond salvaging! Phil is my go to man from now on, the quality of his work speaks for itself and I find his passion infectious - what's more he's a genuinely nice bloke

Tim Fife-Schaw
Phil picked up, upgraded, set up and returned my guitar for a great price and with great communication throughout. It came back twice the guitar it was when I gave it to him and the fantastic setup opens a lot of doors in my playing. Highly recommend Phil's services to others

Shaun Freke
Phil...Many thanks for the work you've done on my guitars over the past months...The Strat is a completely different guitar! (Waiting for the first complaints from the neighbours!)

Simon Knights
Hi Phil, just wanted to say a massive thank you for saving my guitar!  It is playing and sounding absolutely brilliant after your handiwork and I honestly couldn't be happier with the job done.  The Gotoh bridge was an inspired suggestion - as well as fixing the intonation it is very comfortable to play, and I really like it's chunky look and feel.  I am sure it won't be too long before I am back again with something else

Bob Watlin
When Phil says on his website FAST SERVICE he means it. Dropped my telecaster off at 9.40 at his house and he called me back at 10.30 saying he had completed the work. He checked all my wiring and pots, resoldered two wires and replaced a tone capacitor. The price was great too. What more could you ask for. Brilliant Service. Many thanks.

Andrew Brown
Hi Phil. Just a quick note to say thanks a million. The Jackson is just what I was looking for and sounds awesome with the EMG. But the SG... No idea what you did to it but it plays and sounds incredible. It hasn't been like this for years and years. Thanks again

Will Masek
I came to Phil at Bristol Guitar Tech for a second opinion on my Fender P Bass. I had been told by another repair place that the bow in the neck was so bad the whole neck would need to be replaced for a price of more than £400. After a few emails to Phil at BGT he had already quoted me a repair cost more than 50% cheaper, even better, after examining the neck in person it turned out not to need replacing at all! After less than a week Phil had my bass repaired and set-up for less than £40 and I couldn't be happier with how it plays. I cannot recommend Bristol Guitar Tech enough

Tom Hayes
Hi Phil, just wanted to say how happy I am with the setup to the guitars. The Martin sounds fantastic now and I can hardly stop playing it. I'll definitely be recommending you if people ask and for any future setups I know where to go now. Cheers.

Simon Hollingsworth
My Son's and I would just like to say a big thank you to you for working your magic (Guitar Set up) on the guitar we brought to you. As an online purchase you can never be sure exactly what condition the guitar will be in. You have turned this guitar into a fantastic purchase, we all can't stop playing it (they are on it now 10am Sunday morning). Also thanks for the fast turnaround at less than 24 hrs we couldn't have asked for more. It's been a pleasure dealing with you and for sure we feel you are going to be our first port of call for any future guitar set up/ mods. You name it we'll be wanting you to bring out the best of any guitar we bring to you. Thanks for the info on Irongear too.

Dominic Fullan
A big thank you to Phil of Bristol Guitar Tech for being his usual helpful and professional self in helping me deal with a problem I was having with my SG. Having realised something was not quite right with the guitar after buying it I decided it could just need a decent setup – instant thoughts of Phil! He was helpful and was very thorough in finding out the fault to be with the switch. After an in depth conversation about options to take I decided the pickups could be improved and Phil was extremely helpful in assisting in this and helping me to get the exact sound that I was seeking from the guitar. Two days later and the guitar was ready – considering it had a major overhaul with new pickups, capacitors, coil taps fitted, new pots as well as a full setup and restring job I was very impressed it had been turned around so fast. I was blown away with the results – an amazing guitar at a more than reasonable price for work of the highest professional standard. Having been a customer for the last 3 years of Phil’s this is yet another beauty that I’ll never part with and I look forward to having him serve all my future guitars’ needs. Thanks Phil!

Peter Roost
I bought a brand new Fender USA Stratocaster neck, and then decided to build my own guitar. The project took four months of careful research and assembly using quality components. When completed I decided to take it to a professional guitar tech for a proper evaluation and setup. Based upon a range of positive feedback I decided to meet up with Phil from Bristol Guitar Tech. The review and discussion before the work started was equalled by the quality of the finished item, all done at a very competitive price. Based upon my experience I’m happy to recommend Phil for his excellent work

Julian Port
I was recommended to Phil from a colleague, and was so glad I chose him to complete the work needed. My acoustic was in need of electrifying, and after 11 years of being loved and cherished, I was put at ease after Phil recommended several choices within my budget. Phil recommended an L.R Baggs iBeam pick up which gave the exact sound I was after. The installation was fast, to a very high standard and looks very discreet. I wouldn't recommend anyone else in the area. Phil is your man

Dave Gouldney
I found Phil randomly on the internet, and he is certainly a great discovery! I have had a Warmouth parts strat for a couple of years but never been happy with the pickups or the way it played. I took this guitar to Phil and after a good 45 minute chat about what I wanted from it, Phil suggested Irongear 6TS pickups, new pots to match , a new nut and full set up and fret dressing. What a transformation this proved to be. The guitar plays better now than any guitar I have ever owned (and there has been a few) and the pickups have exceeded my most optimistic expectations. They are bright, articulate can funk or rock and actually sound much better than those in my American Standard strat. On top of that I sold the existing Bareknuckle pickups on eBay for twice the price of the new ones! I have already given Phil two other guitars to work on and I can't praise him (or the pickups) highly enough.

Dean Travers
Took my guitar to Phil after finding him on Google thanks for a fantastic set up and repair, guitar plays amazing will be back with my other strat great job.

Jason Shepherd
Sent my 5 string bass for fret dress, set up and fitting 2 x Quarter Pounder Seymour Duncan pickups.
The bass was transformed such that the playability was much better, especially above fret 12 with no signs of the previous buzz points.
The fitting of the electronics was perfect and really improved what was a very average bass to something a bit special. The balance of better action and balanced tone across all strings has made a real difference to the playing experience.

Joe Rimmell
Thought I’d just shoot you a quick email in thanks for setting up my Guitar, plays wonderfully now and really have enjoyed it this weekend. So much so that I now have blisters on my soft fingers! Thanks again and I’ll be sure to recommend people

Stephen Wade
After finding Bristol Guitar Tech on a Google search I took my neglected Gibson Les Paul Studio over to Phil for a bit of TLC. I was surprised how much time he was prepared to spend with me discussing how I played, showing me how the frets were worn and how he could make them as good as new. I also wanted to improve the sound as I was never happy with the stock 498t humbucker. I opted for his full set up service which included a full fret dress and took his advice and ordered an Irongear Tesla Shark pickup for the bridge position. He contacted me after four days to say it was ready for collection and even insisted I checked it before leaving just in case any tweaks were needed to suit my playing style  but it was perfect. After getting home I was surprised how much easier it was to bend notes with absolutely no chocking and how much the new pickup transformed the sound. Thank you again and I'll be bringing my other guitars over soon.

Andrew Young
Just a short email to say how pleased I was with the service and skills you provided on my tired old Jedson. Given the nature and age of the guitar I must say you did a stellar job. After your fret dress it probably plays better now than it ever did when new, some 40-odd years ago. The gold foil type pickups love octave-fuzz and sound (to my ears) marvellous. Having delivered it to you on the Monday, the guitar was ready for collection on Friday. What more can I say? I have several, shall we say, slightly more higher end guitars which I will not hesitate to bring to you, when the need arises

Andy (Severn Beach)
Thanks for the setup you did recently on my Strat, it plays superbly now and I'm glad I found you as I'll definitely be back - most impressed I've been with any work I've had done on any guitar I've owned. Fast, friendly, helpful service too. Cheers

Michael Gregory
I know what you did this morning was very routine kindergarten stuff for you, but my crappy old guitar sounds sweet again and it feels like I am reunited with an old buddy. Thanks for your prompt, efficient and well priced help. Best wishes

Derek Stabb
My early 80’s Yamaha SBG2000 was in need of a full set up and fret work as the intonation was all over the place. After looking on the internet Bristol Guitar Tech (BGT) stood out – great value and testimonials. Having now used their services I can confirm that the work carried out is superb – perfect intonation and action – as well as great value for money. Thanks to the skill and genuine love of what they do my guitar sounds and plays brilliantly. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them and I have no doubt I will use them again.

Tony Caplin
An excellent and professional service and at a very reasonable rate. A very quick turn around too which made me think why I didn’t discover Phil guitar tech service before. I know where I will be taking my guitars for set ups and repairs from now on. 5/5 stars

Ken Randall
Hi Phil. I just wanted to thank you for the first class job you have done on my much loved Fernandes Les Paul. If there is anyone out there needing an excellent job done , this is the tech you should contact. He has repaired a very nasty crack on my Les Paul neck, now good as new and I can’t put it down. Thanks again Phil

Paul Newport
After seeing Phil play at a Goldfish Don't Bounce gig I got in touch with him to look at my old Hohner Les Paul copy. This was in a sorry state, 20 years of grime and sweat, broken knobs, crackling switches and dodgy frets had taken the joy out of playing it. Phil gave it the full treatment, repairing machine heads, dressing the frets, replacing the pickups with some lovely new coil taps, cleaned everything and restrung it, and now it's a joy to play. Having a shared love of classic rock bands is an added bonus - I highly recommend him if you need your guitar setup, repaired or upgraded. Great service !

Shawn Mullins
Big thanks to Phil for the fine setup on my guitar

Morgan Harding
Massive shout out to Phil Jones from Guitars and Stuff for setting up my tele's and Luke's Ibanez!! They play so much better now, would highly recommend!

Barry Walsh
My Gretsch guitar has never sounded so good, it really does feel and sound like a different guitar can't thank you enough. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my muso friends!!

Dave Pyrah
I purchased a Gibson Les Paul Studio circa 1997 from eBay for about £350 (including an amp). When it arrived it looked ok but played abysmally; the intonation was all over the place, tuning it was a joke as the strings would get stuck in the nut. Some of the frets were marked / dented, and as far as the action was concerned, you could have driven a bus between the strings and the fret board. Phil took my guitar and in a matter of a few days transformed it into a thing of beauty. Now I can't seem to put it down, it almost plays itself. Thanks Phil for doing such a great job for a very reasonable price. If, reader, you are thinking of having your guitar setup and serviced, look no further, you have found the best

Josh Sullivan
I found Phil through Facebook as he was recommended by a few friends of mine, I messaged him about two of my guitars that needed a good set up. He responded quickly and was able to pickup them up the next day to return them within 48 hours but even better, he stayed in contact constantly and kept me up to date with what was happening. And although I was only looking for a set up he gave me lots of advice on other things that could be carried out to make the guitar more playable. I was over the moon with the level of care and attention to detail he puts into his work

Tom Whiteford
After coming across Phils ad on Gumtree I took my much battered but much loved Gibson SG in for a little tlc. I was impressed by his knowledge and workspace especially how after 5 minutes of unprompted inspection he pointed out everything that was frustrating me and clearly explained the cures. After a full set up which included a fret dress the guitar is a real treat to play again and was completed in less than 48 hours as I needed it for a weekend gig

Joel Keightley
Just recently had my guitar set up by Phil! was a pleasure to meet and talk with him and he did a cracking job with the guitar, plays like its new, would definitely recommend him to any guitarist looking a fix up!

Neil, Clifton
Just a quick one to say a big thank you for your work on my SG. As predicted, I haven't been able to put it down today... It feels like a brand new guitar. The 'something' that was missing is back in buckets, and it feels wonderful. Plugged in, those pickups do a bloody marvellous job (especially in the middle position), and I'm excited to get it working hard live. The only problem is... It's now feeling and sounding superior to my main guitar - so I may call on you again in the new year!

Gareth Hughes
Many thanks for the excellent setup and repair Phil. Guitars are sounding really great!

Matthew Hanbidge
I took my Jaguar to Phil as it had both tuning and intonation problems. Nice guitar but virtually unplayable. After a few days of work on it by Phil, I went and picked up what felt like a different guitar. Money well spent. Really pleased with the result and how Phil went about things. Many thanks.

Dan Rees, Bristol
I've owned a semi-acoustic for a few years which I just haven't played as it felt awful; hugely thick strings, extremely high action etc. Having spotted Phil's adverts, I decided to give him a try. I'm very pleased I did! The semi now plays beautifully; I’ve used it with my band for practice and gigs. Plus, Phil managed to do the job within 24 hours! I was in no rush for him to finish but it was great to get the text the next day to say it was ready.  I'll definitely be using 'Guitars and Stuff' again. Thanks Phil.

Jules in Weston-super-Mare
I have only known Phil for a couple of months but he has transformed two of my guitars beyond recognition. The first one was a Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster 56 NOS, straight out of the factory at a cost of $3,600. It was at best, average. Phil set it up and fitted some decent strings and completely left it how it should have been built in the first place. And all for £25 + strings! My second was another Custom Shop Strat but this time, one which I had rescued from a professional musician who had wildly modified it. I brought it back to standard specification with the help of Fender Customer Support but needed the final touches. I stopped short of touching the electrics, knowing Phil could do the whole job while setting it up. He fixed several problems I couldn't find the reason for and boy, does it play well now! Better than me anyway. He's made a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Try him, you won't be disappointed. And very reasonably priced too.

Ian Griffiths
Super set up on my guitar. Plays like a dream now, and stays in tune!. Very fast and friendly service. Thanks Phil

Gary Powell
On a couple of occasions recently, I have used the services of Phil Jones at Guitars and stuff and I must say I have been impressed. He is a very friendly and knowledgeable guy with a clear love of all things guitar. The work was carried out perfectly, with a very quick turnaround, excellent communication, and with the added bonus of a very good price! Whatever your guitar needs are then give him a call – you will not regret it

Mark Bidder
I spoke with Phil not too long ago about an Ibanez I have and that I was struggling setting it up, it has been sitting in the case for a while and only pick it up now and again due to not enjoying playing it. Phil has worked his magic on it, it not only plays well now but the tone has changed for the better as well. I will definitely be using Guitars and Stuff again

In my 35 years of pro playing Phil is the best guitar technician I've ever had the pleasure of working with". He's set up for me (and worked wonders on!) numerous Les Pauls, my floyd Rose/Kahler MIJ and HMT Telecasters, my Sambora Strat and notably transformed my Ovation 6 and 12 string acoustics. He's fitted triple active EMG's to my Black Beauty and set up a Jimmy Page split phase wiring install on my Les Paul lemon drop, he also arranged to have this stripped back from a terribly relic'd Gold Top and relaquered to flame maple's now amazing!!! His prices are very fair considering the superb quality of his work and, he has gone out of his way many times to accommodate my requests and often picks up and delivers in and around Bristol to me. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You Phil + wish you all the best Sol Ray...

Thanks again for your prompt and professional works to my guitars. I am truly happy with everything and will be back for anymore advice and work. Also I will obviously refer you to my musical friends.

After months of tuning problems, fret buzz and noisy electronics the set-up you did on my Tele has completely transformed the sound and playability of the guitar. Compared with work I've had done in the past, it was very reasonably priced and done in time with my needs. First class! Cheers, Phil. :)

David Morris
Phil has set up several guitars from my collection this year, including electrics and acoustics. The work has been consistently impeccable, delivered promptly, and has resulted in much improved playability each time. He is also very easy to deal with, and seems to know exactly what I want from a guitar. I have no hesitation in recommending Phil to anyone wanting to get the best out of their instrument, and I shall certainly be calling on Phil to work some more of his magic on my guitars into the future.

Jhonn Aguiar
Have to say that the work was excellent, great service for an affordable price. I didn't bother to take my instruments; Phil picked them up and returned. I'm very happy and I highly recommend.

Richard Hall
Would just like to say Thank you Phil, my Lemon Drop sounds and feels like a £2000 guitar all for a very a small fee. I’ll certainly bring it back to you when it needs doing again and when I get other guitars (I hope the wife is not reading this). Once again thanks...